Your initial job posting should indicate that all candidates are subject to a background check. Background checks review candidates’ criminal record, verify employment history and eligibility, and run credit checks. Some organizations also check social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to make sure potential employees are likely to represent the company in a professional manner. Drug testing may also be warranted, depending on the position. Identifying highly-qualified potential candidates begins internally. Start, therefore, by notifying current employees of the opening. Advertising the job may stop there, if you are determined to fill the position internally.

“Be prepared to describe a variety of practices to make remote work effective,” Leech says. Prior to your interview, revisit the job posting or ask the recruiter which tools your prospective team uses so that you can frame your response with those technologies in mind.

Build productive remote teams

It’s all too easy to talk over each other due to a little bit of lag. We’re all painfully familiar with the “oh – sorry you go”, “no you go” dance. This can stand in the way of getting an authentic impression of each other. Make regular feedback sessions part of your routine with remote workers to ensure good work is recognized and drive continuous improvement.

  • Look out for bottlenecks or parts of the process that cause candidates to give up (such as excessive form-filling), then improve them.
  • The ‘interview project’ is designed to be completed in the amount of time someone may prepare for and attend the traditional interview.
  • We couldn’t run our remote hiring process without a hiring applicant tracking system.
  • We are constantly working to find more tangible ways to develop practical processes to enable belonging for all.
  • Because without that vigilance, critical information gets lost in private DMs.
  • You’ve ever heard that cheesy saying that goes something like ‘Eyes are the doors of the soul’?.
  • The first chat also shines a light on whether the candidate reflects our values and would be excited to join a team of empathetic, customer-focused people.

Ace that remote interview by preparing for the experience in advance. Not every job that says “remote” is going to be a good match for you. Remote interviews require a bit more preparation than you might be used to. Take time to gather all of the information about the company culture you’d like to share, schedule meet-and-greets with other team members and prepare your questions. Have a look here for more remote job interview questions like these. Now we’ve reached the interview stage, it’s understandable if you’re feeling more apprehensive than usual.

Why you can’t rely on your IRL hiring process when remote hiring

Hiring manager interview via video call, focused on role-specific skills and more values alignment. We use the same general process, though our candidate pool is much larger, and interviews include much discussion around compatibility with working remotely. After we have a contracting agreement in place, candidates go through an Onboarding and Orientation process.

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10 Global talent acquisition trends recruiters need to deploy in 2023.

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To determine what to work on, we present candidates options for their own 2-week, 2-month onboarding plan—occasionally adding a few of our own. If yes, we extend a part-time contract we call a Batting Practice in order to provide us, and the candidate, the experience of doing real work together. For decades, skill evaluation has been a hotbed of experimentation.

Screen remote candidates.

While many aspects of the interview process are similar to the in-person version, there are enough subtle differences that it pays to read up on how it works before you jump in. The job interview for remote jobs will most probably take place through a video call.

hiring process for remote jobs

Actionable advice and guides on how to build an effective remote team, sent to your inbox twice per month. Our newsletter is sent every other week to show you how to build a happy, healthy and efficient remote team. Once the interviews are completed, or during remote interview process their completion, company’s often assign applicants one or more standardized tests. These exams measure a wide range of variables, including personality traits, problem-solving ability, reasoning, reading comprehension, emotional intelligence, and more.