Several Puerto Rican wedding customs are exclusive to the area. For example , during the formal procedure, a soon-to-be husband gives 13 gold coins towards the bride. The money symbolize all the best to the bride and groom. These coins also legally represent the guarantee that your groom will give you for his wife during the marriage.

Another Paso Rican wedding traditions involves supplying guests charms as a thanks a ton gift. These types of charms are manufactured by gluing ribbon about seashells. They are also decorated with the time of the wedding ceremony and the titles of the newlyweds. The necklaces are given away as gift items plus they can also be used mainly because cake toppers.

One of the most popular wedding plants in Puerto Rico is Amapola. The Amapola can be described as flower with beautiful colours. There are also a couple of models of orchids that happen to be native for the island. The bridesmaids may also take Amapola plants. In countryside towns, the bride may create her own arrangement of flowers.

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Another specific wedding custom in Puerto Rico is the lasso ceremony. A lasso is shaped as an infinity signal and it represents the oneness of the couple. The bride and groom cut a strip of capia using their bouquet throughout the reception, then flag the strip on each visitor. This allows the newlyweds to psychology of online dating socialize and talk with their particular guests.

Another Malograr Rican marriage ceremony tradition may be the gift of cojins. A cojin is a small pillow that the soon-to-be husband holds during the ceremony. These kinds of pillows represent support for the newlyweds. They are simply inserted at the head with the main desk, then adorned with the date of the wedding and necklaces.