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Web Designing

·        Introduction to Web Technology

ü  Client/ Server Model

ü  Internet and WWW

ü  Web browsers and web servers

ü  Web protocols (HTTP, FTP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, TCP/IP etc.)

ü  Internet Service Provider (ISP)

ü  Database Servers , Mail servers

·         Basic Web Page Construction

ü  Structure of HTML document

ü  Introduction to HTML tags and attributes

ü  Web Page Formatting (CSS)

ü  Hyperlinks

ü  Tables

ü  Lists

ü  Frames

ü  Forms

ü  Image Mapping, Navigation

·         Client- side Web Programming

ü  Introduction to scripting language

ü  Introduction to JavaScript

ü  Basic Operators

ü  Introduction to functions

o   Dialog boxes and inbuilt functions

o   User defined functions

o   Recursive functions

ü  Introduction to Array

ü  Events and event handling

ü  JavaScript : Objects (Math, String, Date)

ü  Document Object Model (DOM)

ü  Client Side Scripting

·         Server-side Web Programming

ü  Introduction to server side programming

ü  Configuring server

ü  Strings, Dates and Time

ü  Server- side includes

ü  File handling

ü  Cookies and session

ü  Error and Exception Handling

ü  Working with database

o   Connectivity with Database (MySQL)

o   Database operators : select, insert, update and delete

·         Web Hosting

ü  Web Hosting and web master



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